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What Do YOU Believe In?

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I get asked this a lot. And I mean…A LOT. What do I believe in? What do I stand for? How do I feel about things as a talk show host? Well, here is the short list. Try this exercise, yourself. What is on your list? What do YOU believe in?

I believe in short walks on the beach- long walks require too much…walking.
Free agency. For all. Even if you don’t like it.
Candlelight. It’s forgiving.
Marriage by its definition, not by desired outcome or social change. We are quick to differentiate “step parent” or ” adoptive parent” because we establish even a slight difference of relationship even though the LOVE is the same. Definitions define us. It’s not judgement. It. just. Is.
The ability to protect ourselves with as much or equal firepower as our oppressors.
The first sip of an ice cold Pepsi.
Not killing humans in or out of the womb. Life is life and it starts at conception.
Freedom of speech- even offensive speech-because the world isn’t fair. Don’t be a baby.
Raising kind kids with a knowledge of basic manners.
Date night. Every week.
Balance in all things. You can eat a steak, a cookie or a potato and still live to tell about it. Being too rigid shows everyone you don’t trust yourself.
Planning the next vacation.
Not judging each other. Judging ourselves should keep us plenty busy.
Growing our character as a nation by people choosing kindness towards each other and because we want to- not because of the millions of laws and pieces of legislation that force us to do so.
That veterans are brave.
That patriotism is honorable as long as its not blind.
In Being a woman. And men being men. And knowing we humbly need each other.
Good food.
A good cry.
Being conscientious and considerate.
That service blesses everyone.
In not relying on our Government to save us or help us or tell us what to do or what to eat. Dependency kills our spirit.
Laughing. All the time. At ourselves.
Gods love for us.
Jesus’s sacrifice.
Satans influence.
The scriptures.

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This article was written by kate