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Congress Couldn’t Pass CISPA, So Naturally Obama Passes E.O.

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Wow.Just. Wow.

Expect to see more of this this year.  The House passed CISPA- a Fourth Amendment Violation Bill that puts the sharing of information on steroids and claims to prevent hackers- but the Senate refused the Vote until they got a better version of it to offer Congress.  The Bill is horrible. It circumvents our ability to have our information private by now sharing information you privately give to companies of your choosing and shares it with the Government. Lovely.

It’s baaack. CISPA.  And Congress has re-vamped it over and over again using different names and it still hasn’t passed. The House passed it in 2013 but the Senate never passed it. They wanted to write their own bill because many didn’t think CISPA went far enough.  Maybe there is a reason it didn’t pass or they couldn’t decide just how far to go with violating our freedoms. Maybe, just maybe, it violates our Constitution. I, for one, was glad it didn’t pass.But, it just keeps rearing it’s ugly head. And now, illegally.

Yet, as I said on the The Kate Dalley Show, when the Administration wants to pass a bill, they will keep re-inventing it until it FINALLY goes through.  Although, now I am even shocked.

President Obama or King Obama, both names fit, has enacted this LAW in an Executive Order. He passed a LAW in an Executive Order, clearly violating our Constitution and how the three branches of government work. February 13, this E.O. was made into law and Presidents are actually not allowed to pass LAWS using E.O’s.

All in the name of fear. Fear of hackers. The Government should never be passing this bill or allowing it to pass. Companies can use their profits shoring THEMSELVES up against a hacker threat, and we as consumers, should be able to do business with whom we trust.  Not any more. The Government has access to private info, our private info at their fingertips. Whenever they want it. For whatever reason. Great.

This E.O. opens the door wide open for CISPA. This is from Forbes Magazine:

…”But while the order allows the sharing of government data with the private sector, the data sharing doesn’t flow back the other way. That means the order, unlike CISPA, doesn’t raise the hackles of privacy groups that have protested that CISPA could grant immunity to private sector firms who want to share their user’s personal information with the government. “The president’s executive order rightly focuses on cybersecurity solutions that don’t negatively impact civil liberties,” reads a statement on the executive order from the American Civil Liberties Union, which has opposed CISPA. “For example, greasing the wheels of information sharing from the government to the private sector is a privacy-neutral way to distribute critical cyber information.””



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Carol GrappoApril 23, 2015 at 6:01 pmReply

This is not about the above. I listen to you. But I do not find what was talked about on Wed, 4/22/15. Would like to know about this as I believe it is scary. Did not get the initials. Thanks

KATE DALLEYApril 23, 2015 at 11:09 pmReply

You can listen to that episode of the show ( it has the title Anonymous Jade Helm) at http://www.soundcloud.com/canyonmedia