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Don’t Even Get Me Started….

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KSL did a news story on that hot subject of parking ticket fines. Sort of a boo-hoo moment of how many fines are not paid. And they eluded to the numbers being…shocking.

My favorite line and misuse of the wording to create media spin?

SLC is OUT millions of dollars in unpaid parking tickets.

Are they really OUT the money, or are they just not collecting the money?

America started out demanding these “parking fines” because of the Great Depression. City revenues were dwindling so they had to figure out a way of gouging the drivers. They found one. By the mid 40’s they were collecting over 10 million in revenue across the country. Not a bad racket.Of course, after the Great Depression, they didn’t get rid of this revenue stream, they expanded it.

These parking fines do nothing but give revenue systems to the State. It has nothing to do with public safety and everything to do with money.

They aren’t OUT the money. Nobody took the money from them. They just don’t have it to pad the revenue streams they have concocted a state¬† budget to include.¬† Our budgets expand for the state so if they don’t collect this revenue they would have to raise taxes and no one would be re-elected. That’s the real story. So, KSL, do not tell us they are OUT the money. They really shouldn’t be collecting them in the first place.



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