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The Reluctant Republican

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The Reluctant Republican

I’ve always been a republican. Since birth I believe, thanks to my Republican parents.
I’ve always been a conservative.
I am a Christian. I have strong values. I believe in life and protecting our freedom.
The Republican Party seemed easy to support:
We defend ourselves and war is necessary.
We believe in protecting the unborn child.
We believe in marriage between a woman and a man.
We love liberty, the right to defends ourselves and capitalism.
We own property, we pursue happiness.
We work and we are law abiding citizens.
Did I stay a republican for all the right reasons?
I think so.
Liberals appeared to be tree hugging, government loving, pro-abortion, femi-natzis, so I knew that party wasn’t for me.
The Republican party just fit.
So, why I am I feeling such frustration with it?
Why do I see our country in such peril despite the presence and participation of my party over the last century?
Democrats seen happy with their party. Nobody’s jumping ship. Nobody seems conflicted in that party. Gay marriage is gaining federal approval, transforming the family unit. Abortion has become a viable birth control method. The “thought police” are in are full force and the second amendment is being whittled away through pieces of gun control legislation. Medical care is now socialized. Illegals are “Americans in waiting”- not illegals. No paperwork needed, they are just given the keys to the kingdom.
Democrats aren’t in a quandary. Liberals are celebrating the victories.
But Republicans are feeling split and divided. Why?
We are looking ahead. We are seeing the end result. It’s forcing us to realize the danger ahead. Our values, our morals tell us this new America will not work: that the more government seeks to control, the less freedom we will actually have.
The changing of our country is giving temporary victory to those leading the charge, without the sincere contemplation of where it is taking us. But conservatives can feel this and our hearts sink. Everything that made America great, is being trampled on, as those who seek to change it, think the reinventing of the wheel must be accomplished to evolve. Their is no such thing as evolving. It is a lie.
It used to be that the term Republican was asserted as a characteristic or trait of who you were. One word was capable of relaying in hundreds of words a description of you.
Not anymore.
The Republican party has many kinds of conservatives within it.
Are you a true conservative republican or a neocon republican. Are you a blind supporter of everything Republican because of what it used to represent or are you a bill-reading, vote conscious, politician-scrutinizing Republican? Do you read the Constitution, understand it and notice which politicians give it lip service or do you just assume its being referred to, because, after all, it’s their job.
True conservatives are seeing that the parties have little difference.
True conservatives realize that our country has been transformed by both parties, not just during the time the “other” party holds the keys to the White House.
The machine is corrupt. The entire machine runs on greed and corruption.
Yet we still support the party, only because of the notion that there is strength in numbers. We believe in the people, ourselves, our friends and neighbors and realize a third party cannot penetrate the machine the two party stronghold. So we stay. Huddled together. In masses. Hoping for a miracle.
Those that care and truly educate themselves see it. Others, just hope for the positive outcome of finally getting “their guy” in the seat in the Oval Office – then everything will work out. Because then, they think, we will finally get some common sense back, we will be more fiscally responsible, we will get rid of socialized medicine, we will strengthen this Christian nation again and reinforce the family. Right? Just get our guy elected and we will get America back.
True conservatives know this isn’t true. Because the problem is deeper.
We elect the guy who says he can do it and we are surprised when he says he has to compromise. Over and over again.
We feel sick to our stomachs when our guy tells us this is how the machine works and that he has no choice.
I am a reluctant Republican.
I am reluctant because I still hope but sadly know how this story ends.
I hope that strong voices emerge even when I know most will not.
I pray for my country and hope God will intervene.
I love my country, the people of this great nation and realize our government is not a representation of who we are as a people. I do not love our government; I fear what they are capable of. I feel the rumbling of shaky ground and know we are in trouble.
I dangle by a thread in the party I once thought represented me.
I realize that strength in numbers has only served to turn our country into what it is: parties of power, control, greed, money- it’s lumped into one.
We are a people that long to be identified by the groups we belong to. Why must believe in this ludicrous system when Americans are as unique as their finger prints and cannot be defined by only one of two groups.
Maybe I have put my hope in the wrong party. In any party.
Maybe America was meant to serve as the nation with one party- the party of independent, educated voices who stood on their own and fought for what was right. An incorruptible party of lone voices who long for sanity and desire freedom.
Maybe the party is best when it’s not a party at all. Is that the lesson, here?
Millions of lives have been lost in the wars to fight for the freedom we love. Our founding fathers didn’t do what they did , so that we could decide which of two parties to join in the America they were forming.
They founded a free nation so that we didn’t have to.

Kate Dalley

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peteMay 22, 2015 at 10:08 pmReply

my only question to you Kate is when the republicans do take office and control the house and senate and the President
President Bush u say republicans believe in protecting the unborn child.So why don’t they do something about when they are in power??

KATE DALLEYMay 22, 2015 at 10:18 pmReply

Your guess is as good as mine. I just want someone in that Oval Office that has principles and morals. That person needs to gut the system, not just attempt to fix the system. But those that control the Presidency will not let that happen. As far as abortion goes,it is sick and wrong. It is evil.

SQIARMarch 23, 2016 at 2:58 amReply

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