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Is Our Viral World Helping or Hurting Us?

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Just a couple of thoughts today.

I ran across the article yesterday of the children playing on the Vietnam Memorial Statue. The article said that it was creating an outrage among most that viewed the article. A viral sensation. The article asked the question, “Is this okay?”

Well, we all know that it’s not okay. We all know that it’s disrespectful. That’s not the issue.

Before the internet, if I were to see those kids playing on the statue, I would have politiely told them to get off the statue, if the parents did not have the where-with-all to do that. The kids would have probably removed themselves from the statue.

End of story.

There wouldn’t be public outrage. There wouldn’t be a story.

We have the internet, so now we need filler stories that create outrage and interest so that all of America can weigh in on it? WHY??

An article today posted a question about a mom trying to decide if she takes her 6 year old daughter in for surgery to pin her ears because of bullies. If that helps, go for it. Sure, why not. Who cares. This is between her and her mom.

Why do we need America to weigh in on all of this? Why are we asking for this? These are easy, solvable, and private moments that do need to incite outrage. We never used to.

Are we asking Americans to be judgmental? Are we hoping to get people angry? Needlessly? Are we in such a need to view new information by the boatloads to keep us busy on our smart phones, even when these are pointless topics that we have no business weighing in on?

Just asking the questions.



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Bob WebsterMarch 30, 2015 at 10:57 pmReply

Kate: I too am a (RR) Reluctant Republican. Yes the Founders decried political Parties as FACTION – devisive enemies of independent peace in society. Yes, we are stuck with a controlled party system, and it IS controlled by international secret combinations lusting for global control, patiently employing money with political power to advance their goal.

America’s Founders envisioned noble, independent statesmen operating on their own Constitutional Christian moral consciences in government. They envisioned the States as the real center of American government, founded on energetic citizen-based communities, with the people owning the land and prospering by their development of the natural resources, with State governments coordinating local society, and the federal protecting the union from both foreign enemies and domestic greed.

When I realized that we Americans today face just as great a list of serious violations to our human liberties as did the Founders, I composed a REDECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, which verifies our current calamity. I would be pleased to email you a copy, if you’d like. Our Creator set up America as the first ever government system, outside of a divine theocracy, to assure that we could each prosper by our own initiative, and be judged by our works. And He did it right here where human civilization began, in the midst of the most favorable land on earth.

Bob Webster
Pleasant Grove, UT. 84026