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Occupations with the Most and Least Prestige

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It’s not about money or celebrity. And it’s not even about getting your hands dirty. The job with the least prestige is that of a real estate agent or broker. That’s the word from a Harris Poll that measured Americans’ perception of the most and least prestigious professions. It’s easy to see that money and celebrity do not necessarily equal prestige. If they did, the high-earning real estate agents, accountants and actors wouldn’t be at or near the bottom of the list and the lower-earning firefighters, police officers and nurses wouldn’t be near the top. Rather, prestige is strongly associated with respect and helping others. Professions with high prestige are those that benefit both society at large and the specific people who are served.

The top 12 occupations with the percentage of people who think this occupation has the greatest prestige:

1. Doctors: 88 percent
2. Military officers: 78 percent
3. Firefighters: 76 percent
4. Scientists: 76 percent
5. Nurses: 70 percent
6. Engineers: 69 percentv 7. Police officers: 66 percent
8. Priests/ministers/clergy and architects: 62 percent (tie)
10. Athletes, teachers and lawyers: 60 percent (tie)

The top 11 occupations with the least prestige:

1. Real estate brokers/agents: 27 percent
2. Union leaders: 35 percent
3. Stockbrokers and bankers: 38 percent (tie)
5 Accountants: 40 percent
6. Farmers and journalists: 45 percent
8. Members of Congress: 52 percent
9. Entertainers: 53 percent
10. Actors: 55 percent
11. Business executive: 58 percent

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