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Best and Worst Deals at Warehouse Club Stores

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Who doesn’t love a bargain? And warehouse clubs — from Costco to Sam’s — offer an array of deals you won’t find anywhere else. But not all deals are created equal. If food goes bad before you can eat it, it’s a rotten deal no matter how little you paid for it. What is the best shopping day of the week for the greatest savings? It depends on what you’re buying. Bankrate.com has helpfully figured out the top three best and worst deals you’ll find at warehouse clubs.

Best Deal Number 1: Gift cards
File this under “who knew?” Be it movie tickets or gift cards to restaurants and stores, you can often find them discounted by as much as 15 percent to 20 percent below face value.

Worst Deal Number 1: Seasonings
Only salt can last for a really long time, so buying a giant jar of any dried herbs is a loss because it will go stale and lose its taste before you can use up that big supply.

Best Deal Number 2: Medication
Whether it’s over-the-counter medication or prescription drugs, warehouse club prices tend to be between 2 percent to 40 percent lower than other pharmacies when no insurance is used.

Worst Deal Number 2: Electronics
Because fabulous deals on electronics are found at many retailers, you can’t count on the very best deal at a warehouse club except for one item: TVs. Either way, do your research before buying.

Best Deal Number 3: Organic food
While lots of pantry staples–from bread to olive oil–can be found on the cheap at warehouse stores, you can also get amazing deals on in-season organic produce and salad greens, as well as frozen organic veggies, organic beef and wild-caught salmon. Note: Unless it’s organic, the experts say not to buy produce in bulk.

Worst Deal Number 3: Anything you can’t store
That pack of 100 rolls of toilet paper is so cheap, and TP won’t spoil. Still, if you don’t have a place to store it, what are you thinking? Tucking it behind the living room sofa really isn’t a good storage spot.

This article was written by chris@canyonmedia.net