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7 Tips to Love Your Job

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Wish you could tell your boss to shove it? Welcome to the club. Studies show that upwards of 56% of Americans would like to. “It’s not always possible or practical for workers to just quit their job,” says Miriam Biddelman, a psychotherapist in New York. “But there is much they can do to make themselves happier at work.” Here are seven of her top ways for taking your job and loving it:

Buddy up
When workers bond and socialize, they create a sense of community, or even a second family to help you endure hard times.

Try to do more – not less
Not only will digging in at work produce more satisfaction than holding back, it can get you a promotion or a better job.

Snag more responsibility
Even if your title and your pay remain the same, being “in charge” of any detail of work leads to higher self-esteem.

Keep photos
Pics of your spouse, kids or pet, or a favorite coffee mug are reminders of what’s really important in your life.

Head for the hills
Get away from your desk or station during lunch and coffee breaks. Just getting outdoors is mentally rewarding.

Phone it in
Could any part of your work be done at home via phone, computer or fax? Lots of work performed at an office can be.

Let perks perk you up
Maybe a raise is out of the question, no matter how much you deserve one. Perhaps the boss would be willing to give you a little flextime or some other much needed perk. Ask and ye may receive.


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