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Alternative Uses for Everyday Things

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✓ Febreze – Not only does it make the room smell better, it kills flies.
✓ Lemon – Put a slice in a bowl of water and microwave 45 seconds. Voila! Clean microwave.
✓ Squeegee – As well as cleaning windows, it’s awesome at getting pet hair out of your carpet.
✓ Q-Tip – Dip one in alcohol and use it to light your candles. Works like a charm!
✓ Mouthwash – As well as your mouth, its really good for disinfecting your toothbrush.
✓ Potato Chips – They make great fire kindling.
✓ Tennis Balls – Toss them in the dryer with your towels and get fluffiness without the smell.
✓ Mustard – Mixed with water it makes an incredible deodorizer for just about anything.
✓ Coffee – Have an insect problem? Just sprinkle the area with some grounds!
✓ Makeup Brushes – The perfect size to clean between the keys of your computer keyboard.
– Sourced from List25.com

This article was written by chris@canyonmedia.net