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Olympic Medals Made from Junk

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Organizers of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics say the medals will be forged from recycled metal from old mobile phones and appliances donated by the general public, to give them a sense of direct involvement in the games. The move is also part of an effort to promote sustainability and to save money, after the budget ballooned to more than $35 billion at one point. The organizing committee hopes to gather 8 metric tonnes of metal – 40 kg of gold, about 2,900 kg of silver, and close to 3,000 kilos of bronze – from outdated mobile phones and small household appliances donated by people across Japan. That should be enough to make all 5,000 Olympic and Paralympic medals. (Better idea – foil-covered chocolate medals … so it’s worthwhile when athletes bite into them for photos. Mmm!)
– Reuters.com

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