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Things You Should Never Do On An Airplane

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Tips from experts reveal where germs are hiding and how to stay healthy and comfortable while airborne …
✗ Don’t walk around barefoot. You don’t know what’s been spilled on the carpet.
✗ Skip the ice. Most planes don’t serve drinking water from the onboard water tank but cubes are often made from it.
✗ Ditch your contact lenses. The air in the cabin is very dry and can cause irritation to your eyes.
✗ Don’t eat food that’s fallen on your tray table. They don’t get sterilized between flights.
✗ Don’t fall asleep against the window. Who knows who else has breathed, sneezed, coughed against that glass?
✗ Don’t feel embarrassed to tell a flight attendant you’re not feeling well. They’re trained to help with medical emergencies, even childbirth!
✗ Don’t fall asleep before takeoff. If you do, it will be harder for you to equalize the pressure in your ears (which you’ll do more quickly if you chew gum or yawn).
– RD.com

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