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The Most Annoying Email Habits

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AOL consumer advisor Regina Lewis identifies the four most annoying e-mail habits:

Clicking “send” too fast
Take a minute to re-read every e-mail before you send it so you can fix typos and spelling errors and insert missing words. Especially in business, you will be judged on your mistakes — even if it’s only subconsciously.

Unnecessary copying and forwarding
Sure, you want your boss to know how hard you’re working, but copying him or her on every e-mail you send will only be a source of irritation. Also, be wary of forwarding chain e-mails and jokes; instead of entertaining your friends, they are more likely to cause aggravation especially if that joke has an attachment with a computer virus.

Getting in the last word
Lewis advises you to follow the “Rule of Three”: If it takes more than three e-mail exchanges to sort out an issue, it’s better to call. Especially in business, don’t feel compelled to send an e-mail just to say “thank you” or other short phrases. It just clutters others’ e-mail boxes.

E-mailing on the go
Sending e-mail from your iPhone during meetings, family dinners and driving in the car is rude (and in the case of driving, dangerous). It sends the message that you’ve tuned out and are not engaged in the matter at hand, says Lewis.

Lewis also says to be smart with e-mail. Don’t send a message if you’re angry. Don’t use all upper case letters, because it looks like you’re shouting.

This article was written by chris@canyonmedia.net