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How to Freeze Fresh Veggies

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• Before freezing, chop raw vegetables to the size you are likely to use when cooking. Thawed vegetables are more difficult to chop.
• Vegetables tend to lose color, flavor, texture, and even vitamins when they’re frozen, thanks to the activity of enzymes in the veggies. Blanching the vegetables (immersing them in boiling water for a short period of time) before freezing interrupts the activity of the enzymes, and will keep the frozen vegetables fresher longer.
• Blanching times vary from 1½ minutes for peas to 11 minutes for large ears of corn; consult a cookbook for the correct amount of time for the vegetable you want to freeze.
• After blanching, quickly immerse the vegetables in cool water to prevent them from overcooking.
• Leafy greens, tomatoes, and watery vegetables like zucchini and squash can be frozen without blanching. If you’re planning to make zucchini bread, grate the zucchini before you freeze it.
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