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Habits to Ditch Now!

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According to Men’s Health magazine you should ditch these habits to be healthy:

Using your cell phone while driving.
Keep a photo of a loved one on your dash. It will remind you why that text, search, or email is not worth the risk.

Not washing after peeing.
University of Colorado scientists found skin bacteria like staph (think pneumonia) on most restroom handle doors.

Bask in Bach.
Lower stress by listening to classical music while reimagining a happy ending to a work hassle.

Mindless munching at night.
Create a “not-shopping list” of snakes you should not buy. The on-paper commitment will help you resist in the store.

Popping ibuprofen for every ache.
It may raise your risk of heart attack and stroke. Rub eucalyptus oil on the sore spot it is an anti-inflammatory.

This article was written by chris@canyonmedia.net