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These Make You Look Older

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What is making you look older than your years? It may be one or more of your everyday habits you never imagined could be bad–from how you sleep to how you drink a soda. dr. Erika Schwartz, chief medical officer at the Age Management Institute in New York City, identified for NewsMaxHealth.com five habits that make us look older.

1. Drinking alcohol
Whether it’s wine, beer or a cocktail, regularly consuming alcohol can leave you with unsightly bags under your eyes. The solution: Cut down on the booze, drink more water and sleep more to get rid of that puffiness naturally.

2. Exercising too much
if you over-exercise or do the same exercise day after day, you will build up just one part of your body, while other parts wear down and make you look older. This is especially true for runners. The solution: Cross-train and do core workouts.

3. Drinking through a straw
The constant puckering of drinking through a straw will cause fine lines and wrinkles to form around your mouth, just as they do when puffing on a cigarette. The solution: Drink directly from the glass, can or bottle.

4. Sleeping on your face or on the same side of your body
Both of these sleeping positions can cause lines to form. The solution: Sleep on your back, and if that’s not possible, use a silk or satin pillowcase to reduce friction.

5. Not wearing sunglasses
When you skip the sunglasses, you not only expose your eyes to damaging UV light, but also the bright light causes you to squint. And that squinting deepens the wrinkles around your eyes. The solution: Always wear your sunglasses in bright sunlight. No excuses!

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