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Best and Worst States for Marriage Success

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(24/7 Wall St) Keeping those “’til death do us part” vows are tough enough even the most happily married couples – but the odds might be greater depending on where you live. To find out which states have the highest and lowest rates of divorce, 24/7 Wall St. examined a Census Bureau survey to compare how many U.S. citizens were married in 2015, and then how many divorced the following year. Arkansas emerged as the most ominous-looking state for matrimonial bliss, while Massachusetts seems home to more lasting unions. Here are the top and bottom five:

Highest divorce rates (defined as the number of people who divorced per 1,000 married people):

  1. Arkansas; 23.4
  2. Idaho; 21.9
  3. Nevada; 21.3
  4. Louisiana; 20.8
  5. Oklahoma; 20.4

Lowest divorce rates:

  1. Massachusetts; 12.3
  2. Hawaii; 12.6
  3. New Jersey; 12.7
  4. New York; 12.8
  5. Minnesota; 12.8

This article was written by chris@canyonmedia.net