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Each States Most Popular Super Hero

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Superheroes are more popular than ever. The Marvel and DC movies have grossed billions at the box office and another sure to be blockbuster, “The Justice League,” comes out next month. But who is the most popular superhero in the U.S.? Decluttr.com used Google Search Data to find out. And the winner is… Spider-Man, with seven states. Peter Parker is most popular in Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and his home state of New York. Batman swoops in at second, topping searches in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, West Virginia and New Hampshire. In joint third place are Wonder Woman, Deadpool and The Flash. Wonder Woman is the most popular superhero in Washington, Rhode Island, Utah, Idaho and South Dakota; Deadpool’s unorthodox style is most popular in Iowa, Georgia, Delaware, Missouri and Louisiana; and the Flash is most popular in New Jersey, Maine, Kentucky, Virginia and Hawaii.

  • Alabama: Spider-Man
  • Alaska: Wolverine
  • Arizona: Captain America
  • Arkansas: Spider-Man
  • California: Jessica Jones
  • Colorado: Batman
  • Connecticut: Iron Man
  • Delaware: Deadpool
  • Florida: Spider-Man
  • Georgia: Deadpool
  • Hawaii: The Flash
  • Idaho: Wonder Woman
  • Illinois: Daredevil
  • Indiana: Daredevil
  • Iowa: Deadpool
  • Kansas: Green Lantern
  • Kentucky: The Flash
  • Louisiana: Deadpool
  • Maine: The Flash
  • Maryland: Luke Cage
  • Massachusetts: Luke Cage
  • Michigan: Green Lantern
  • Minnesota: Iron Man
  • Mississippi: Spider-Man
  • Missouri: Deadpool
  • Montana: Iron Man
  • Nebraska: Superman
  • Nevada: Captain America
  • New Hampshire: Batman
  • New Jersey: The Flash
  • New Mexico: Batman
  • New York: Spider-Man
  • North Carolina: Superman
  • North Dakota: Wolverine
  • Ohio: Superman
  • Oklahoma: The Incredibles
  • Oregon: Jessica Jones
  • Pennsylvania: Captain America
  • Rhode Island: Wonder Woman
  • South Carolina: Spider-Man
  • South Dakota: Wonder Woman
  • Tennessee: Spider-Man
  • Texas: Batman
  • Utah: Wonder Woman
  • Vermont: Jessica Jones
  • Virginia: The Flash
  • Washington: Wonder Woman
  • West Virginia: Batman
  • Wisconsin: Captain America
  • Wyoming: Batman

This article was written by chris@canyonmedia.net