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The Cost of Redecorating the White House

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It’s not uncommon for presidents to do a little redecorating at the White House when they move in, and the office of General Services Administration has let us know that the Trump administration has spent. So far it comes to $1.75 million taxpayer dollars spent on furniture and other items as part of redecorating the White House and related offices. For those keeping score, that’s slightly more than the $1.5 million the Obama administration spent over the same time. President Obama did pay for some of the costs himself but it’s unclear if President Trump has done the same thing. There were reports a few months ago that Trump had called the White House “a real dump,” though he denied it, later tweeting that the White House is “one of the most beautiful buildings (homes) I have ever seen.” Here’s some of what that $1.75 million is paying for:

  • $17,000 for custom rugs
  • $7,000 for “furniture pedestals”
  • $5,000 for wallpaper
  • $12,800 for a custom conference table
  • $291,000 for office walls
  • $240,000 for “wood office furniture manufacturing”
  • $25,000 for “case good furniture”
  • $29,000 for “upholstered household furniture manufacturing”
  • $10,000 for floor coverings

Guess it’s all just part of making American great again. (Newser)

This article was written by chris@canyonmedia.net