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You Should Blot Your Pizza

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(Eonline) Remember when you were younger and every birthday party you went to had pizza for the meal? And before you ate, you took a napkin and dabbed off the grease. Your friends stared, the moms whispered about you. Well congratulations because you were saving yourself thousands of calories over the years. Labdoor Magazine explains just how much fat you can stay away from by dabbing. Here is the slice by slice breakdown on how much you are saving with this quick trick:

  • A slice of pepperoni pizza from Dominos has about 324 calories and 117 calories from fat
  • By blotting the grease, you avoid 40.5 calories per slice and about 4.5 grams of fat
  • That comes out to roughly 6,611 calories per year that you are saving
  • And that means you shave two pounds off your waistline per year just by blotting

According to Labdoor, Americans eat and average of 23 pounds of pizza per year. So avoiding that fat is in everyone’s best interest if we want to keep snacking on this Italian delicacy. Pop stars like Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Ariana Grande have shouted their love for pizza loudly and proudly. However, the magazine’s findings were a win for pizza aficionados everywhere. You know what this means? You’ve saved up so many calories… you can have more pizza! Go young ones, eat the cheesy goodness.

This article was written by chris@canyonmedia.net