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Clinton Will Talk With Sanders ‘When He’s Ready

Clinton Will Talk With Sanders 'When He's Ready

Hillary Clinton says she’ll talk with rival Bernie Sanders when he’s ready to work on unifying the party.  The Democratic presidential frontrunner told NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sanders has “every right” to continue and finish his campaign.  She said no matter their differences, they pale in comparison to the differences they have with likely GOP…

Padres Discipline Employee Over Gay Men’s Chorus Anthem Flap

Padres Discipline Employee Over Gay Men's Chorus Anthem Flap

A San Diego Padres team employee is being disciplined over an incident involving the national anthem.  The San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus had been invited to sing the national anthem before Saturday night’s game.  But the men’s performance was drowned out by a recording of a woman singing the anthem.  A Padres employee failed to…

Healthiest Cities in America

Healthiest Cities in America

When it comes to being healthy and fit, those who live in and around our nation’s capital get the gold medal in 2016. For the third year in a row, Washington, DC, topped the annual American Fitness Index that is created by the American College of Sports Medicine. Following right behind the winning D.C. metropolitan…

Top Cities for Summer Jobs

Top Cities for Summer Jobs

With the number of both summer jobs and internships expected to increase this summer and many students looking for work to bridge their finances or grow their professional skills, WalletHub took an in-depth look at 2016’s Best Cities for Summer Jobs. To help job seekers find the best short-term employment options, WalletHub’s analysts compared the…

Taking Bueller’s Day Off Costs A Million Dollars

Taking Bueller's Day Off Costs A Million Dollars

If Ferris Bueller took his day off today, it would cost about a million dollars.  “Chicago Magazine” calculated how much it would cost to pull off the adventures chronicled in the 1986 classic.  The magazine added up the costs of parking in downtown Chicago, Cubs tickets, fancy restaurants, tickets to the art museum, permits and…

NFL Returning Nearly $725K For Sponsored Military Tributes

NFL Returning Nearly $725K For Sponsored Military Tributes

The NFL is returning nearly 725-thousand-dollars in taxpayer money that was used to sponsor military tributes by teams.  The league was heavily criticized for so-called “paid patriotism,” with money coming out of the armed forces budget to publicly recognize members of the military during games.  Shortly after, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the league would…